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Basque Y edit The Basque high-speed railway line (Basque Y) will connect the three Basque capitals, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Bilbao and San Sebastián. The railway, 155.6 km in length, is an upgrade of the former non electrified single railway line between the town of Ferrol and the Portuguese border for the part between A Coruña and Vigo, into a double electrified high-speed line. One Stewart Graham Harris of Thames, New Zealand was listed as the primary shareholder of this company. Original Information 111812 Yesterday 111712 I added a section to the " Myths Legends " page based on the following 051709 anonymous comment posted on the website Artificial Owl in response to a post about the Futuro. The cool aerial image below date unknown from The Season Pass Dead - pdf here shows the Futuro top center. Assuming these are indeed different Futuros then that would indicate that a minimum of three units were manufactured in South Africa because these two had four lower viewing windows and " Futuro 22 relocated from South Africa. Finally we read that the Futuro had previously spent time serving as a bank and also as an amusement attraction Jaws? " The photo above is a low quality photo from my copy of " Fieldens of Todmorden: A Nineteenth Century Business Dynasty ". S-102 ( Pato, max speed 330 km/h or 205 mph) trains are used for this service and cover the whole distance in 3 hours and 50 minutes. There were at least two South African Futuros, "Futuro 22" and the one seen below. (fr) Decree of éclarant d'utilité publique et urgents les travaux nécessaires à la réalisation de l'itinéraire d'accès au tunnel Franco-italien de la liaison ferroviaire Lyon-Turin,.

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Construction on the northernmost part of this section between the cities of Ourense and Santiago de Compostela began late 2004 and this part was inaugurated in December 2011. Marko Home, who worked with Mika Taanila on the film, however was able to confirm that the shot was definitely taken in South Africa. The comment appeared on a 2012 Guardian article titled " Futuro - the ideal home that wasn't I have read this article several times but never noticed the comment so thanks for pointing it out Achim. That article, in part, read: " virginia beach,. Though this post is by thoughtcriminal the content is so similar to the content of the Yahoo Group post that I am inclined to think this may be from the same person rather than a separate report of a Baltimore Futuro. It is possible; perhaps between Morey's Pier and Damon's purchase the unit was the Visitor Information Center in Seaside Heights. There was no actual address returned; Google Maps showed the address for the coordinates as "Unnamed Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23456". The two screen shots below show the Futuro looking north and looking south respectively. In the first of these articles a local suggests the structure is a Futuro and likens it to similar structures in Seaside Heights and Harvey Cedars. On balance I think that the photograph is a photograph of the Todmorden Futuro most likely shot from a position to the right facing the Futuro of that from which the comparison photograph was shot. In other browsers this may or may not function. The MadridSeville line was the first dedicated passenger high-speed rail line to be built in Spain and was completed in time for Seville's Expo.

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into motels " Simmons goes on to confirm that no such transaction ever took place. "High Speed Lines Vitoria  Bilbao  San Sebastián Line". I think possibly there was a company at that site that was trying to sell or promote the house. The company most commonly reported as being the manufacturer of the New Zealand Futuros m listing New Zealand Companies Office listing Certificate of Incorporation. In a discussion via Facebook Andrew explained that: " A cine was taken of our family examining the outside. Mies, ei 33, pirkanmaa 69 13:34 timsa, mies, kyllä 62, tukholma 20 13:51 mlwpdu, nainen. The window would have been between 102886; from the last time the unit can definitively be placed on Willis Street to the first time it can definitively be placed on Pihanga Road. The photo, though from a different angle, appears very similar to the earlier photo of this Futuro added to this page 060114 ; specifically the condition of the Futuro looks very consistent from one photo to the other. It is interesting to note how close the Futuro was to the buildings on either side of the narrow street.

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The appearance of cerco amici donne single in aurora co escort mature parma the concrete pilings on which the Futuro sex helsinki kalev spa kokemuksia is mounted; not unique to this Futuro but the same nonetheless. If anyone has any information about this Futuro or any photos of it either in Virginia Beach or wherever it is now I would love to hear from you. The footage is without sound. " The post goes on to inform us that the Information Center was closed sometime in the late 1980's to make way for a more modern building. " The suggestion that the unit "arrived" in 1976 certainly makes sense and, based on inturn4's information about its "demise" this Futuro has been added to the list of " Demolished Locations " and any future information. Update 101912 Information contained in issue #21 of the magazine Weird.J. Bedroom, full bath, cozy kitchen, w/living room. I feel like if this were not a "real" photo someone would have commented to that effect and that is not the case. So is there any evidence to suggest these are one and the same? "Infraestructuras - El AVE a Extremadura se eterniza: Fomento encarga ahora el estudio para el tramo Madrid-Cáceres". All of that said by adding information from a series of email threads recently with Graeme Farr to what was already known about this Futuro and also considering the known whereabouts of other units at particular times; Futuro's. 85 It is part of the MadridLevante HSR network and is serviced by S-112 ( Pato, max speed 330 km/h or 205 mph) trains that cover the distance in up to 2 hours and 12 cerco amici donne single in aurora co escort mature parma minutes. The southern part between Olmedo and Zamora entered revenue service on 17 December 2015. In a document archived by the National Media Museum in the UK, " Technology - Keracolor " Dead - pdf here a little of the history of this project is discussed. The line will be connected at Santiago de Compostela with the MadridGalicia high-speed rail line, which as of 2015 is under construction. The extension section of the Madrid-Seville high-speed rail line to Cádiz is served by Alvia trains that connect the city of Cádiz to Madrid and reach speeds up to 200 km/h in this section. KV 60 Hz Belgium Europe.25.9 300 25 kV 50 Hz 1435 Including upgraded lines 20 Morocco Africa.28.5 320 25 kV 50 Hz 1435 Inaugurated in November 2018 21 Netherlands Europe 175.9 209.9.5 kV DC,. Added 101014 demolished As regular visitors to these pages will know I am a somewhat obsessive collectors of " Things Futuro." I have few postcards that feature the Futuro House and there have always been a few locations. Direct trains ToledoAlbacete were also scheduled in the past, combining four of the existing lines, but this service was eventually terminated due to low demand. The spherical cabinet for the Keracolor was manufactured using fiberglass and the first examples were made by a company called Waterside Plastics located in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. During the 1970's and 1980's. Given that the source of the article was quite reputable, CNN, and that it mentioned Richard Pisani I felt that it was very likely that there was indeed a Futuro as reported but a quick search in Google Maps did not reveal anything. " In the email GSM goes on to refer me to an archived article from the Lancashire Telegraph which includes a brief reference to the Burnley Futuro. In one comment Bryan Erasmus provided a little historical insight and his comment is also somewhat suggestive of larger number of units having been manufactured.

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107 The journey from the centre of Barcelona to the centre of Girona takes now 37 minutes (compared to the hour and a half it took and to Figueres in 53 minutes (instead of two hours). A b limited by rolling stock maximum operating speed (fr) Daily count of the Franco-Italian tunnel's length digged from French side,. Zarzynski published a short article on the website Mirror; Lake George Magazine. KV.7 Hz 1435 25 Denmark Europe.51. A description of the lot can be found on Arcadja Auction Results ; it reads: " Matti Suuronen Futuro house Polykem AB Finland, 1968 fiberglass and polyurethane foam visit the Futuro House minisite Literature: Futuro: Tomorrow's House from Yesterday. So; if you have any information regarding any of the Futuros listed on this page please let me know by either using the "Contact" form on the main page or by email. He intended to turn it into a "space age" playhouse for his daughter, then 12 years old. Added 082019 We are all now used to world where pretty much everything you could ever want to know about anything is available at a moment's notice on the internet and seemingly immortalized forever. The Futuro was visible from the road and at night if they heard a car coming down the hill and they would flash the lights on and off to surprise the drivers coming past over a bridge. There was nothing remarkable or unusual about the photo but the comments on the photo included one referencing the Virginia Beach Futuro by Reddit user Jwats96 who also included a link to the photo below. Original Information 082016 Until now information on this Futuro had been on the " Myths Legends " page. The comment associated with the photo indicates a gentleman by the name of Warren was the catcher and points out what is described as "the only picture of the space house in the background." In fact this. Shortly afterwards I was contacted by Arthur Russell-Dallamore who recalled a bright orange Futuro on the grounds of Ivy Bank high School Burnley, UK in the 1970's and 1980's and in January 2015 GSM sent me a link. A second article on the Seaside Heights Futuro can be found on the website Ocean County Family Community News. 84 MadridHuesca edit The ZaragozaHuesca section branches off from the MadridBarcelona line at Zaragoza and connects with the city of Huesca and serves the connection train station for regional trains in the town of Tardienta.