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seuraa seinäjoki hieronta videot

21 152 A 2008 article in Education Next Journal concluded that as a resource about controversial topics, Wikipedia is subject to manipulation and spin. Jervell, Ellen Emmerentze (July 13, 2014). "Wikipedia.0  Now with Added Trust". "Wikipedia rejects child porn accusation". The foundation relies on public contributions and grants to fund its mission. "What If the Great Wikipedia 'Revolution' Was Actually a Reversion? In particular, it commonly serves as a target knowledge base for the entity linking problem, which is then called "wikification 347 and to the related problem of word sense disambiguation. Sidener, Jonathan (October 9, 2006). On September 28, 2007, Italian politician Franco Grillini raised a parliamentary question with the minister of cultural resources and activities about the necessity of freedom of panorama. Mike Miliard (March 1, 2008).

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reading" list for the Civil Marriage Act. Andrew Brown (June 25, 2015). Katherine Maher, the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation's chief communications officer, said the changes address a sentiment among volunteer editors that, 'we're not an advertising service; we're an encyclopedia. 221 The foundation's 2013 IRS Form 990 shows revenue.7 million and expenses of almost 29 million, with assets.2 million and liabilities of about.3 million. Arthur, Charles (December 15, 2005). Retrieved September 6, 2011. "Publish in Wikipedia or perish". Emil Protalinski (July 2, 2013). Biases of its own may include over-emphasis on topics such as pop culture, technology, and current events. Encyclopædia Britannica, which were unable to compete with a product that is essentially free. The presence of politically, religiously, and pornographically sensitive materials in Wikipedia has led to the censorship of Wikipedia by national authorities in China 194 and Pakistan, 195 amongst other countries. (See book review by Baker, as listed hereafter.) Broughton, John (2008). Similar publications are the German-language Kurier, and the Portuguese-language Correio da Wikipédia. 122 According to a 2009 study, there is "evidence of growing resistance from the Wikipedia community to new content".

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'dare to know social networks have led to a culture of "dare not to care to know." This is while Wikipedia faces "a more concerning problem" than funding, namely "a flattening growth rate in the shemale shemale anime porn video number of contributors to the website."., an official website for wireless devices. 286 Andrew Lih and Andrew Brown both maintain editing Wikipedia with smart phones is difficult and this discourages new potential contributors. That far exceeds traditionally-compiled information sources, such as encyclopedias and dictionaries, in scale and depth." 317 In a 2017 opinion piece for Wired, Hossein Derakhshan describes Wikipedia as "one of the last remaining pillars of the open and decentralized. "long Enciclopedia Libre: msg#00008". Retrieved frivol unterwegs she male bdsm April 17, 2016. Verge, Jason (January 14, 2013). 333 In 2010, comedian Daniel Tosh encouraged viewers of his show, Tosh.0, to visit the show's Wikipedia article and edit it at will. Retrieved July 7, 2011. 8 (2007) Wikipedia:Administrators Mehegan, David (February 13, 2006). "Inquiry prompts reporter's dismissal". Pone.0038869, see "Archived copy". Public Information Research, Wikipedia Watch Raphel, JR (August 26, 2009). For other uses, see, wikipedia (disambiguation). Retrieved July 6, 2013. Other media coverage See also: List of films about Wikipedia Balke, Jeff (March 2008). A b Green, Emma (May 7, 2014). Access to content frivol unterwegs she male bdsm Content licensing When the project was started in 2001, all text in Wikipedia was covered by the GNU Free Documentation License (gfdl a copyleft license permitting the redistribution, creation of derivative works, and commercial use of content. 23 Contents History Main article: History of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger Nupedia Main article: Nupedia Wikipedia originally developed from another encyclopedia project called Nupedia Other collaborative online encyclopedias were attempted before Wikipedia, but none were as successful. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved October 28, 2011. Retrieved June 27, 2007. Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations. "Who The Hell Writes Wikipedia, Anyway?". 96 Wikipedia's contributors avoid a tragedy of the commons (behaving contrary to the common good) by internalizing benefits. Archived from the original on May 20, 2012. "Wikipedia science 31 more cronky than Britannica's Excellent for Klingon science, though". Archived from the original on May 6, 2001. "The contribution conundrum: Why did Wikipedia succeed while other encyclopedias failed?".

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"Wikipedia May Be a Font of Facts, but It's a Desert for Photos". "Does the Internet Undermine Culture?". (Includes video.) Wales, Jimmy (December 9, 2016). New Delhi, India: Isha Books (reprint). "Wikimedia sites to move to primary data center in Ashburn, Virginia".

seuraa seinäjoki hieronta videot

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Vandals can introduce irrelevant formatting, modify page semantics such as the page's title or categorization, manipulate the underlying code of an article, or use images disruptively. Several other methods of mobile access to Wikipedia have emerged. However, he also cautions that errors are frequently found on Internet sites, and that academics and experts must be vigilant in correcting them. He wrote in a message to the Wikimedia Foundation mailing-list that this action was "in the interest of encouraging this discussion to be about real philosophical/content issues, rather than be about me and how quickly I acted". "Wikipedia and the Future of Legal Education". "Log on and join in, but beware the web cults". "iPhone Gems: Wikipedia Apps". 328 Viewers of the show tried to add the episode's mention of the page as a section of the actual Wikipedia article on negotiation, but this effort was prevented by other users on the article's talk page. Derakhshan, Hossein (October 19, 2017).

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seuraa seinäjoki hieronta videot 199 Across 30 language editions of Wikipedia, historical articles and sections are generally Eurocentric and focused on recent events. This is still under development. Wisdom of the Crowd: Wikipedia and the Rise of the Bourgeoisie". A b c "Wikipedia.
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